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Oxford Neighbourhood Watch and Community Newsletter 24-10-21

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Oxford Neighbourhood Watch and Community Newsletter 24-10-21
collated by Maggie Lewis - Voluntary Area Representative and Administrator for Oxford Neighbourhood Watch. 

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Neighbourhood Watch
1) Neighbourhood Watch 2021 Crime and Community Survey

Oxford Neighbourhood Watch
1) What is neighbourliness?
2) Area Coordinators/Coordinators
3) Radio Oxford

Thames Valley Police
1) Witness Appeal - A34
2) Results - 61 arrests for County Line drug dealing

Thames Valley Police (Oxford)
1) Witness Appeal - Cowley Road (attachment)
2) Witness Appeal - Blackbird Leys
3) Police Appeal

Neighbourhood Policing Teams
1) Oxford North East (Safer Streets)
2) Littlemore and Rose Hill (Education-Scout group)

Crime Prevention
1) Top tips to avoid becoming a victim of crime (attachment- WIDE)
2) 'Dippers'

1) Personal Experiences
2) Whatsapp
3) County Court bailiffs
4) What to do if you receive a suspicious email or phone call

Oxfordshire County Council
1) Temporary closure of waste recycling centres

Oxford City Council
1) Autumnal leaves

Community Safety
1) Halloween (attachment)
2) Fire Safety Tips
3) Bonfire Advice

General Information
1) Urgent supermarket recalls
2) Low noise fireworks
3) DVLA Warning
4) Black History Month
5) Drivers Face Fines for simple mistake
6) Seven ways to save hundreds on your energy bills this winter
7) Helping children to walk safely
8) Cycling safely

For the second year running, we want to hear your thoughts about crime, community, and how effective Neighbourhood Watch is.

The survey, launched on Wednesday 20th October 2021, is open to the public across England and Wales, regardless of whether they live in a Neighbourhood Watch area or not.
The results will enable us to better understand on a national and regional level crime, fear of crime and benchmark whether membership to a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, or living in a Neighbourhood Watch area, has an impact on levels of crime, concern about crime, neighbourliness, and the willingness of communities to work together.
Last year our survey received just over 30,000 responses from across England and Wales providing us with a rich and useful set of data. This year we will be able to compare our data to last year’s results.
Please share this survey via email and social media across all the various communities to which you belong whether they be a Neighbourhood Watch community or others such as sport, religious or work communities.  This will help us receive a good balance of responses from Neighbourhood Watch members and non-members which will enable us to compare experiences between these two groups.  .
A good response in all regions will ensure we can publish a national report and provide individual regions with their own reports.
All data will be anonymised and aggregated and will be used by Neighbourhood Watch to ensure our work is effective, inclusive, and representative.

The survey closes on the 16th of November. Thank you for your support.

Message sent by

Central Support Team (NWN, Neighbourhood Watch Network, England and Wales)

1)  What is neighbourliness?
The core aim of Neighbourhood Watch in your road/area is to reduce and prevent crime by sharing information, encouraging reporting and installing road signs. 

What can we do to help our neighbours? - this is a basic list but I am sure you will be able to think of more. 
Keeping an eye on houses if on holiday
Taken bins out and putting bins away
Take in parcels/deliveries
Visits to elderly and vulnerable with shopping or errands
Clear walkways of road (snow. wet leaves)

If you want to join the 2.3 million+ members then please sign up free on  or you can contact me to join or with any queries. Please reply to the icon below. 

2) Area Coordinators
There are Area Coordinators in Blackbird Leys, Cowley, Greater Leys, Littlemore, Rose Hill
Temple Cowley, Wolvercote and Cutteslowe

Area Coordinators promote Neighbourhood Watch and encourage membership but specifically Coordinators to start up schemes. If you wish to be an Area Coordinators please contact me, experience of being a Coordinator is preferable. If you wish to be a member of any of the above areas I can forward your details.

Coordinators are needed to set up schemes in roads/group eg Coordinators can represent NW on Residents' Association and have a specific role to help with community safety, clubs for older people can benefit from a Coordinator to share and receive information and younger people, particularly students can benefit from information from a main Coordinator but we also need Coordinators to be the main contact with residents if they need to share and give information about their road or locale. All Coordinators will be the main contact with the police and PCSOs will contact direct so you are able to help the police and encouraging reporting of all suspicions and crimes.

Members- you are all welcome, whether there is a scheme or not, free membership and information to keep you and your neighbours safe.

3)    Radio Oxford
On Tuesday, October 26th one of our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators from Blackbird Leys will be discussing Neighbourhood Watch on Radio Oxford on the Breakfast Show - broadcast starts at 7pm. This interview had been cancelled from Friday, October 22nd. 

1) Witness Appeal - A34
Thames Valley Police is continuing to appeal for witnesses a month after a road traffic collision left a woman seriously injured.
The incident took place on Saturday, 18 September at about 2.15pm on the A34 northbound between Abingdon North and Hinksey Hill.
Three vehicles were involved, a black Vauxhall Vivaro van, a silver Volkswagen Polo and a Sainsbury’s liveried Mercedes Sprinter box van.
The driver of the Polo, a 24-year-old woman, was seriously injured and required hospital treatment.
No one else was injured in the incident.
Investigating officer, PC Darren Baker from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit based at Bicester said: “Following our original appeal following the incident last month, we have not had a great many people come forward with information.
“However, there were a lot of road users on the A34 at the time of the collision and we are sure there are more witnesses who saw the collision who could have vital information.
“If you witnessed this incident, or have information about it, and have not yet come forward, please contact Thames Valley Police via the non-emergency number 101, quoting reference number 43210421141.”

2) Multiple arrests and weapons seized in county lines drug operation
For information - County Lines is the term used to describe a form of organised crime where criminals based in urban areas pressurise vulnerable people and children to transport, store and sell drugs in smaller county towns.
In the week of action from 11 to 17 October, Thames Valley Police:

Executed 16 warrants across the force.
Arrested 61 people.
Stopped 51 vehicles thought to be linked to county drug lines.
Seized over 430g of crack, heroin and cocaine thought to be worth an estimated £30,000.
Seized 22 weapons.
Seized over £120,000 of cash associated with drug dealing.
Engaged with 101 vulnerable people.
Made 40 visits to schools.

Further information


1) Witness Appeal - Cowley Road (attachment -CCTV image)
Do you know this man?
We want to speak to him following an assault on the Cowley Road in May.
We are re-releasing his image in order to trace him.
The victim a man in his twenties, tried to stop a fight.
He was assaulted and as a result had his cheek bone broken in three places, he received a fractured eye socket, a broken nose, and a fractured jaw, as well as a broken hand and foot.
Please share our appeal and call 101 with information quoting reference 43210197701. Or if you wish to report anonymously you can so by calling the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Further information from Oxford Mail article

2)  Witness Appeal - Blackbird Leys 
We're appealing for witnesses after a man was stabbed in Oxford, last night.
It happened at around 9.30pm in Blackbird Leys Park, off Pegasus Road.
The victim then walked through Gillians Park after the incident.
Ring 101 quoting 43210472676
More here

Further information from Oxford Mail article -

3) Police appeal
An alleged modern slavery victim was beaten with a baseball bat then dumped at the side of the road, police said.
It wasn’t until the following day, September 1, that the man – who was wearing a tie dye hooded top and black jacket – was able to flag down a driver on the A40 between Wheatley and Oxford.
The Good Samaritan, believed to have been a black man driving a white Mercedes, dropped the stricken slavery victim near St Aldates police station in Oxford city centre.
Detectives investigating claims the man had been exploited in London want to speak to the driver who took him to the police station.
Det Con Alex McGregor of the Metropolitan Police said: “The driver of the Mercedes provided much needed help to the victim in this case and he is extremely grateful that he dropped him off close to a place of safety.
“We need to identify the driver and speak to him about the incident to progress our investigation and would urge him to come forward.
“The victim is white with short/shaven hair, does not speak English and was wearing dark Puma tracksuit bottoms, white trainers, a black jacket with grey sleeves and a white and yellow tie dye hoody.”
Police said the 41-year-old man arrived at St Aldates police station on September 1, when he told officers he was the victim of modern slavery.
He claimed that on Tuesday, August 31, he was beaten with a baseball bat and dumped at the side of the road by a man who had been exploiting him in London.
The man flagged down a passing driver the following day, who dropped him off close to St Aldates police station at around 1.45pm.
He was unsure exactly where he was picked up from, but police officers believe it was on the A40 between Wheatley and Oxford city centre.

Oxford North East Policing Team
1) Safer Streets and Oxford Northeast Neighbourhood Police team attended Headington Farmers Market on London Road, Saturday October 23rd for community engagement and a free bike marking registration.

Rose Hill and Littlemore Policing Team
2) PCSO Taylor and PCSO Thomas from Rosehill NHPT attended 28th Scout group to educate them on underage drinking, night time safety and the use of E-scooters around Rosehill and Littlemore.

Please note after a recent judgment it is important to install video doorbells properly and to ensure that visibility is only on your own property (as CCTV).  
WIDE (attacment)

1) Top tips to avoid becoming a victim of crime

* Ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked when you leave your home -
even though it may only be for a few minutes. An open window or door is an open
invitation for opportunist thieves.

* Fit a burglar alarm if you can. If you already have a burglar alarm, make sure you
set the downstairs zone at night. If not – at least fit a dummy box

* If there is any likelihood that you may return home after dark, fit timer switches /
light sensitive light bulbs / leave on a talk radio station, to prevent your house being
identified as ‘unoccupied’. Buy and plug in a ‘Fake TV’ – easily available from major
online retailers.

* Keep the perimeter of your home well lit. Installing low voltage outdoor lighting, is a
cost-effective way to protect to your home and ensure that any unwanted visitor may
be seen.

* Purchase and install a Video Doorbell

* No-one comes into your home unless you know them, or they have made an

* Only open the door to people you know / are expecting. Look through the window
or spyhole first, to see who’s calling. Then put a door chain on before opening the
door. The rattling sound, will deter most opportunist thieves and they will be gone by
the time you open the door

2) Dippers
 ‘Dippers’ – pickpockets as shopping in the City Centre increases there could also be an increase in picking pockets.  Please make sure your purses / wallets and mobile phones are well protected.    This means handbags on long straps, worn diagonally across the body.  No open type beach bags, which someone can easily reached into from behind containing your valuables.  More importantly – be aware of who is around you – particularly in crowded places.  One person bumps into you causing a distraction, another pinches the item and passes it to a third person who disappears into the crowd.  Please also remember - the limit on contactless debit cards has now increased to £100.

1) Personal Experiences
Thank you to our Coordinator has shared her experience of a potential scam. I have gone through each item that would entice anyone to fall for the scam. The image wouldn't copy but was enticing.
We can all be vulnerable to scams at different times and reasons so vigilance is always needed.


You can get a £100 Promo Reward
Your Opinion is important!
It will take you only a minute to receive this fantastic prize
GET STARTED NOW (in a green box -which has a link attached)
If you no longer wish to receive these emails,
you may unsubscribe by clicking here or by writing to 6130 W Flamingo
Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103

Checking for scamming clues
Congratulations (we all want to hear we have won something)
Promo Reward (there are often promotions with a money incentive
Your Opinion - it is enticing to have your opinion valued
Only take a minute - casualness -it will only take a minute to scam you!
Get Started now - Capital letters with emphasis of immediacy Link has been removed but tucked away in the middle of the promotion.
Address - usually foreign country
Another link is attached as below - some may see this as an unwanted mail and click on the unsubscribe. This is why I feel that the simple instructions with links are the easiest to fall for. You have spotted the scam and feel self-confident so why not unsubscribe - they have you hooked as soon as you click on the link or attachment.

Attachments and links - please think twice before clicking.

2) Whats app warning for teenagers
Parents warned over sneaky WhatsApp scammers that impersonate their teens asking for money
Mums and dads across the country are being warned to take care on their phones amid the rise in text message scams.
WhatsApp users have been told to stay vigilant against a believable scam that involves tricksters messaging parents, pretending to be teenagers asking for money.

3) County Court bailiffs
Scammers are impersonating County Court bailiffs and issuing fake notices of enforcement, the Government has warned.
The fraudsters claim that they are serving the victim with County Court Judgement and that they should pay the money owed straight away to avoid their possession being seized.
They usually start by issuing the fake notice of enforcement by email and then follow up with a telephone call (assuming they have the victim's number) appearing to come from an official phone line.

4) What to do if you receive a suspicious email or phone call
If you receive any suspicious emails, calls or texts concerning the above – especially if they’re out of the blue – contact the HM Courts & Tribunals Service.
You should never click on any links ­or phone any number in the email. Rather, look up their details in a separate search online. 
Similarly, if you receive any odd calls, politely hang up, find the genuine number for HM Courts & Tribunals Service and call them back after 10 minutes.
Sometimes fraudsters keep the line open and imitate genuine companies, so making sure the line is disconnected is vital.
It's also worth stressing that you can check your credit report to find out if a CCJ actually exists as it'll be registered here. 
If you’ve sadly fallen for this scam, call Action Fraud and your bank immediately.

1) Temporary closure of waste recycling centres(including Redbridge)
People planning to use Oxfordshire’s household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) next month are being warned about a series of short closures to enable essential work to be carried out.
For safety reasons, Oxfordshire County Council will be shutting each of its centres for two days – although never at the same time – to allow for deep cleaning and essential maintenance to take place. This includes jet washing the sites and structures, repainting lines and safety areas, as well as other general work to improve the customer experience.

Temporary Closure -Redbridge, Oxford: Thursday 18 and Friday 19 November
Other closures of recycling centres - further information

The leaves have started falling and to put into context 200 tonnes is the weight of 33 African elephants!
1) " Every autumn, we collect and compost over 200 tonnes of fallen leaves from across the city... that's a lot of leaves"

Is your costume safe? (attachment)
Oxfordshire Trading Standards leaflet

2) Fire Safety - please remember to check and have working smoke alarms
This is basic fire safety and can save lives. Top tip- shut all inside doors.
For more information on how to test your smoke alarm please visit
When you are sleeping it takes longer to wake up to the signs of a fire and if you don’t have a working smoke alarm there will be nothing to wake you up.
Get into the habit of completing a bedtime check
Close inside doors at night to stop a fire from spreading.
Check that the cooker is turned off.
Turn off and unplug electrical appliances. Unless they are meant to be left on e.g. your freezer.
Turn heaters off and put up fireguards.
Make sure exits are clear of obstacles and check that door and window keys are in the right place.
Make sure that cigarettes have been put out properly. Never smoke in bed.
Make sure all candles are out. Never leave one burning when you go to sleep.
Turn off your electric blanket. Unless it has been designed to be left on overnight and has a thermostat.
Make sure the washing machine, dishwasher or tumbler dryer are not running overnight. 

Top Tip - shut all inside doors

Regarding bonfire advice, I wonder if you could pass on that bonfire piles should be checked to make sure that a hedgehog has not used it as a shelter. 
Bonfire Safety Advice (thanks to Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service)
1) Site well away from houses, garages, sheds, fences, overhead cables, trees and shrubs and always away from fireworks.
2) Build the stack so that it is stable and will not collapse outwards or to one side.
3) Never use flammable liquids - paraffin or petrol - to light the fire.
4) Don't burn foam-filled furniture, aerosols, tins of paint or bottles.
5) Keep everyone away from the fire - especially children, who must be supervised all the time.
6) For an emergency, keep buckets of water or the garden hose or fire extinguisher ready.
7) Pour water on the embers before leaving.

1) Urgent supermarket recalls

Information -

2) Low noise fireworks: where you can buy them in Oxfordshire
If you have a pet, like I have are noise sensitive and wish to enjoy the fun of fireworks (safely) without the noise more information on

Morrisons Countywide
Aldi Countywide
Asda Countywide
Frog Orange Balloons Windmill Rd, Headington, Oxford OX3 7BL
Fantastic Fireworks London Rd, Wheatley, Oxford, OX33 1JJ

3) DVLA Warning
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has issued a warning over a new driving licence deadline that could keep drivers off the roads if they do not renew by the end of the year.
Officials have warned drivers who had their licence renewal date extended due to the coronavirus pandemic between February 1 2020 and December 2020 have until the end of this year to apply for a new one.
However due to backlogs, the agency has told drivers to apply by November to ensure their licence arrives on time.
It comes amid a backlog of applications with renewals sent in August still being worked on.
The quickest way to apply for a new licence is online with the DVLA warning paper applications can take between six and 10 weeks.

4) Black History Month
October is Black History Month and Oxford Brookes University are delivering a  programme of events, entitled Proud To Be throughout the month, with some excellent events still to come, including the closing lecture on 28th October with Ambassador Andrew J Young. 
Ambassador Young helped change the course of history as a leader in the American Civil Rights movement, he has built a remarkable legacy as a civic activist, elected official, groundbreaking ambassador, social entrepreneur, and adviser to presidents. Today, he leads the Andrew J Young Foundation’s efforts to develop and support new generations of visionary leaders. 

The full programme can be downloaded here

5) UK drivers face £10,000 fines for simple mistake this winter
Drivers are being warned they face fines of up to £10,000 for forgetting one simple check during the winter months.
Driving with bald tyres can also lead to up to 12 points on your licence which could mean losing your licence.
The maximum financial penalty is a whopping £2,500 per tyre which could lead to a five-figure fine if all four tyres are found to be bald.

How to check your tyres are legal
The National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) inspected thousands of tyres and found that a staggering 98% were not compliant with these regulations.
Of the 10% of MOT fails due to tyres, worn down treads is the number one reported issue.
If you are unsure of whether your tyres are safe, you can check they are road legal in the UK by placing a 20p piece inside the tyre treads at different spots across the tyre’s width.

6) Seven ways to save hundreds on your energy bills this winter
Further information on the below -

Air Conditioning
Leaky taps

7) Helping your children/grandchildren to walk safely
Footsteps is a handy practical from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (Official) to help you support your child to gain the skills they need to be a safer, confident, independent pedestrian.
As adults, we have become safer pedestrians through experience.
But young children won’t have learnt those skills yet.
Walking is good for our bodies and our minds too. And swapping a short drive short walk would be great for the environment too.
Download the Footsteps guide

8) Cycling safety
Remember to allow space for large vehicles that are turning. Truck drivers have to take up different road positions than car drivers when turning to allow for their vehicle's 'swing' turn.
If you are on your bike, stay back until the vehicle has made it's turn and never cycle alongside a large vehicle as the driver may not be able to see you.
Message sent by
Maggie Lewis (Neighbourhood Watch Network, Multi Scheme Administrator, Thames Valley, Oxford LPA)
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